Concussion Training

Worthington Youth Boosters is partnering with Player's Health to protect YOU! With this technology, members can manage background screenings and receive training on concussions and abuse prevention.

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WYB is utilizing Player’s Health’s market-leading background screening tool. Player’s Health is devoted to player and organizational safety, a topic of paramount importance in today’s youth sports landscape. Working with the Player’s Health team will ensure that every member involved in WYB is operating as safely as possible.

PH background screening ensures accuracy with identity verification, eliminating the possibility of false information by comparing Social Security Numbers against corresponding birthdates and address history.

Background Screening

Player's Health offers a short, but comprehensive training video to educate WYB members on the signs and symptoms of concussions, return to play protocols, and the overall recovery process.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest, when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, cutting off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs, is a concern in youth sports today. 

In accordance to Senate Bill 252, all youth athletes, coaches, and parents/guardians must complete a set of requirements every year prior to participating in organized sports activity of any kind.

Lindsay's Law

Abuse Prevention Training

Player’s Health has created a unique abuse prevention training course made up of short videos on various topics for sports organizations to properly educate coaches, parents, guardians, and athletes.

Player's Health Abuse Prevention Training Course Introduction Video

Motivational speaker and former college football player John Guydon, a child abuse interview expert, and a sexual assault survivor speak on the importance of abuse prevention to empower the audience to make a difference in every sports organization. This course features topics ranging from grooming and how to respond to incidents of abuse, to situations like hazing and cyberbullying.