Concussion Training

The Nation Youth Football League is partnering with Player's Health to protect YOU! With this technology, members  can report abuse, receive abuse awareness training, track injuries and more.

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A dashboard for organizations to manage real-time incident reports and ensure their abuse and incident protocol is being followed. 

Athletes, coaches, guardians, and volunteers can use PH Protect as a secure and private way to report abuse, allowing the organization to track everything in a centralized and reliable place.

Along with abuse reporting, PH Protect is the home for background checks for all coaches, volunteers, and administrators.

PH Protect

As the saying goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. In football, it’s no secret that concussions are a problem. One way to combat this is to understand what a concussion looks like and how to treat it.

TNYFL has partnered with Player’s Health to ensure its coaches and volunteers are properly trained in concussion management. To achieve this, Player’s Health offers a concussion training video designed for coaches and volunteers, all in efforts to protect athletes.

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Background Checks

TNYFL is utilizing Player’s Health’s market-leading background screening tool. Player’s Health is devoted to player and organizational safety, a topic of paramount importance in today’s youth sports landscape. Working with the Player’s Health team will ensure that every football program involved in TNYFL is operating as safely as possible.

PH background screening ensures accuracy with identity verification, eliminating the possibility of false information by comparing Social Security Numbers against corresponding birthdates and address history.