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The U.S. Center for SafeSport is an independent nonprofit committed to building a sport community where participants can work and learn together free of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and misconduct.

Player's Health ensures Kentucky Youth Soccer teams and programs are compliant with the Safe Sport Act of 2017. 



At Player’s Health, we believe people thrive when they feel valued. With fearless ingenuity, sport’s expertise, and digital smarts, our Center of Excellence (CoE) team innovates turnkey insurance and risk management solutions.

Organizations have struggled to ensure coaches and staff are compliant and properly trained. That’s why we built a dashboard for Kentucky Youth Soccer administrators to easily view, communicate, and roster all the members within the organization — from athletes to volunteers and coaches.

The Player’s Health Dashboard includes everything administrators need to feel confident about managing an Kentucky Youth Soccer league:

  • Reporting Structure & Process

  • Abuse Awareness & Prevention Training

  • Background Screening

  • Digital Abuse Reporting & Documentation Platform

  • Emergency Action Plans

Coaches will be notified by Demosphere to log into their account and finish their compliance training(s) through Player's Health.

PH Protect

Dashboard for organizations to manage real-time incident reports and ensure their abuse and incident protocol is being followed.

Athletes, coaches, guardians, and volunteers can use PH Protect as a secure and private way to report abuse, allowing the organization to track everything in a centralized and reliable place.  

Along with abuse reporting, PH Protect is the home for background checks for all coaches, volunteers, and administrators.

Abuse Awareness / SafeSport Training

The way to protect young athletes is to learn how to spot abusers and prevent them or other incidents from entering your organization. Player’s Health has partnered and integrated with SafeSport to offer comprehensive sexual abuse awareness training for youth sports organizations that fulfill Safe Sport Act requirements. Training topics include:

  • Peer-to-Peer abuse 

  • If a child reports abuse 

  • Impact on children 

  • Responsibility to report

  • Facts and misconceptions 

  • Abuser characteristics 

  • The «grooming» process 

  • Methods to reduce risk


How Does This Benefit You?


We care for athletes and believe sports are an essential part of growing up. Player’s Health is here to support and care for them by making sure their coaches are screened, and offering them safe and confidential ways to report abuse or misconduct. Now, they can have fun and feel safe at the same time. 


All the resources coaches need to care for their team can be achieved through Player’s Health, including staff screening statuses, incident and abuse reporting, injuries and more.


Running a soccer organization has never been easier. Administrators no longer have to worry about if their organization is following proper procedure and being up to their necks in paper work. Now, they can relax and focus on why they got involved in running the organization in the first place: for the kids. Your organization has never been easier to track. You'll be logging into your Demosphere account to track all coaching compliance credentials and statuses.  


Parents can have confidence they are leaving their children in the best hands possible and have full transparency on anything involving their child and Kentucky Youth Soccer.





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